Abundance beyond self

A program about overcoming your own limitations with a holistic approach.

I invite you to a program focused on abundance in life - be it work, business, money. This series (or even individually) is intended for those who are looking for a new wind in their sails in their work, business, or generally attracting money into their lives. 4 topics, 8 experiential seminars, where we will get to the deepest layers of your perception of work, mission, project, or business. Either during the seminars or afterwards, the changes you need will come and emerge from the depths of your consciousness and subconsciousness so that they can be transformed into reality. During this work, we will also let the "field" lead us to the spheres where our understanding, obstacle or stuckness lies. From conscious to subconscious, from visible to invisible, from logical to intuitive. This "field" doesn't even have to make sense to us at the moment, but in the end there always comes inner peace, understanding and a very deep realignment of reality.

For whom it is suitable:
Anyone who is looking for a way to improve and is open to research not only consciously, but also subconsciously.

4 months, 8 online workshops, 1 personal consultation - intensive conscious and subconscious training, maximum 12 participants in a group, guaranteed personal access.

1st series: Balance of head and heart in my intention
2nd series: What I don't see when fulfilling my purpose
3rd series: Why do I keep failing and how to overcome it
4th series: Going on a journey unconditionally

Join if:
  • You want to change job
  • You want to attract the right business partners
  • You want to improve your business and take it to the next level
  • You are stuck in your path in building your career
  • You want to be fulfilled again by what you do
  • You want to earn more
  • You are willing to look behind your mirror