"Human potential is the basic capital of every company. When people are internally satisfied, the results of the organization are also stable. Everything is connected.
When the result comes from inner conviction and satisfaction, it is permanent and creates loyalty to the employer, to the team, or to another system."

Dagmar Kolesárová
Professional certified coach by ICF

You are in the right place! I provide personal coaching to business owners, managers, or your employees in person and online, and training that is tailored to meet the exact needs of your company.

I am an expert in personal development. I help identify talent, strengthen strengths and work to improve weaker areas. There is a huge potential hidden in every individual, and my task is to discover and develop it so that the team, the organization works as a whole to achieve the goals.

The holistic leadership program is focused on the development and growth of the entire organization through the development and growth of the individual. It helps managers and leaders manage their teams and organizations effectively. After discovering their abilities, teams work more holistically and individuals are loyal to the organization. I help create a mutually supportive environment where employees feel motivated and engaged. This timeless program works with the natural talent of individuals and transforms it into organizational strengths. It focuses on the sustainable success of the individual and the organization as a whole.

The program solves existing problems in the organization using systemic principles and helps to eliminate blind spots by replacing them with functional models.
It focuses on the ability to lead oneself, an authentic style of effective leadership and working with blind spots. It also develops the ability to grow in relationship with "weird" others, increases sustainability and discovers the basic needs of team members.
In leading others, the program develops the ability to take responsibility, work with tensions and conflicts in a team, influence things, team effectiveness, acceptance of change, burnout and clarity of direction.

Increase the performance of your team and managers and achieve a holistic approach to leadership and personal development that leads to the joint success of the organization.

Give us the opportunity to work with you and help you achieve your business success through our superior services.

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