I am an internationally certified coach (PCC by ICF). I coached morethan 800 hours with clients.
In my practice I use:
Business coaching - for clients who want to achieve a certain goal. Through conscious and motivational practices, we gradually move towards the designated goal.
Life and systemic coaching - for clients where logic is no longer enough. When it is necessary to look at the topic from a vantage point and look behind the "mirror" of our conscious decisions.
Systemic team approach - we work in a group, either within the public (see events for the public), or in organizations - management training, team training (see for companies).
I use PSYCH-K® facilitation in personal coaching if it is necessary with the client.

With my wide experience in the world of business and management (since 2004), as well as years of professional training in the field of coaching, psychology and personal development (since 1999), I am the ideal partner for anyone who desires positive changes in their life.
My goal is to help clients discover their true potential and use their advantages not only in their personal lives, but also in their business and work environment.

I started my career in banking, where I held the position of manager of the project financing and corporate clients team. In this role, I gained experience in managing a team, solving complex relationships and negotiating in a domestic and international environment. These experiences enlightened me to the fact that people achieve success
when they are internally happy (see for companies). And that's why my intention is to help clients find this inner feeling of joy and satisfaction. (see for the public).

In addition to individual consultations, I also specialize in team coaching, training and personal development programs. My programs are designed to be fun, interactive and inspiring. I want clients to experience real changes, so I try to create an environment in which they can practically try out new knowledge and awareness.

If you long for change and discovering new possibilities, welcome to your journey.
I am here to help you achieve inner satisfaction and success in all areas of your life.
Dagmar Kolesárová
A selection of my certifications, trainings and educations: Professional certified integrative coach; Business coaching trained coach; Systemic coaching; Certified NLP practitioner; Hypnosis course I. and II.; Training of family constellations; Course Problems are solutions; Life integration process; Systemic constellations; Cosmology of the mind; PSYCH-K®