Systemic experiential workshops


For ordering your constellation or more information, please contact me via whatsapp: +421 948 535 447

Sometimes it is necessary to go deep into our problems, or to look at the situation from a wider perspective. Explore different areas and open the thirteenth chamber to get to the root of the problem.

Systemic constellations serve to find a solution to a problem, whether it is in relationships, work, emotions, and so on. We will look at your topic from a different point of view and thus it is possible to find the causes of your problems, the unconscious programs that you follow and no longer serve you, or help you make the right decision in the given situation.

We will build a model of the solved area. We ask questions, observe reactions and obtain information that is often not visible on the surface. We reveal what is missing in the situation, what is important, and also whether everyone in the system accepts their roles. The client finds the so-called a map of your problem and the way to solve it.
We rearrange the system, supplement it with missing elements, look for the right place for individual members, go beyond the boundaries of known solutions and explore the unexplored.

A systemic approach must be experienced, it cannot be learned. That's the only way we can achieve the best results.